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The White Horses Complete 1960s Classic Series 7 DVDs

The White Horses5 product stars
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The White Horses Complete 1960s Classic Series 7 DVDs Summary



The White Horses Complete 1960s TV series 

High Quality 7 DVD Set

A 13 Episode DVD Set Now With 12 Episodes in English
(The Original Dubbed English) 
Complete with the start and end on each episode of that famous theme song by Jacky Lee

Every episode on this set has an interactive menu and scene selection

 Enchanting children's series originally made in 1965. 'The White Horses' followed the adventures of Julia, a fifteen-year old girl, played by Helga Anders, who leaves Belgrade to spend a holiday with her uncle Dimitri (Helmuth Schnider), on his stud farm where, with the help of head groom Hugo (Franz Muxeneder), he trains valuable white Lipizzaner. The series was originally shown in Germany as 'Ferien in Lipizza' and in Slovenian it is known as 'Poèitnice v Lipici'. It didn't reach the UK until 1968 when the BBC began broadcasting a dubbed English language version at 5.20pm on Monday afternoons. Although the series still exists on film (in Germany) it was thought that the English soundtrack has long since been lost.

However we have been very lucky in obtaining some reel-to-reel audio tapes which have audio recordings from twelve of the 1960s TV Episodes.  We now have put together the original Video footage with these audio recordings to give you twelve episodes of The White Horses TV Series as we fans of the series all remember. With episode three, Suspicion falls on Andrej the only one now missing.(This episode is also in the DVD set with English subtitles)

Most people also remember the evocative theme song, 'White Horses,' sung by Jacky, which reached number 10 in the pop charts in April 1968 and was recently used on a TV commercial prompting a new generation of fans to scan the internet trying to find a copy to download.

Helga Anders: Julia
Helmut Schneider:
Dimitrij Franz Muxeneder:Stanko
1. Black and White
2. Dangerous Depths
3. Suspicion falls on Andrej (In German English Subtitles)
4. Thais becomes a Mother
5. Horses Stampede
6. About Bajazzo
7. The Horse Cure
8. A Dog's Life
9.  Business Friend
10. The Sava Prize
11. Buried Treasure
12. The Squirrel
13. House Arrest for Othello
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Customer Reviews

18 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
The White Horses - Linda - 30/11/2018
I am writing to thank you for your quick service, I have bought this as a Christmas gift so cannot comment on the DVDS but the service was outstanding.

5 product stars
The white horses - Claire myers - 13/02/2018
Cannot thank you enough for this wonderful series,excellent service on every level,will be recommending your product

5 product stars
Just Great... - Andrew 25/01/2018 - 25/01/2018
I never thought I would have the chance to see this again! Well done to everyone involved...

5 product stars
Timeless Memories Revisited - Paul - 29/10/2017
just as Good as I Remember It. Been really Great To view These episodes again after such a long Time. And That Gorgeous Theme Tune. Yes I had That on CD for sometime To actually receive The episodes I am really over The moon. prompt Delivery complete with invoice and The DVD packaging is really Excellent. as mentioned on other reviews The Quality on The episodes are really outstanding just Don't know how you did it considering The series as been out of circulation for sometime. I olso Think we get The best of both worlds with episode Two in it's original German language Though I must admit I never really noticed it much The episodes are just a Delight To view in any format. Alongside The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe which I do have These are really The Two series That Take me right back To Those long hot school summer holidays for my Generation Then no computers mobile phones and just four channels To view we were really blessed with series like White Horses. now I can revisit Those Days anytime I choose Thanks To This impressive collection. To all Those involved Thank you for bringing This wonderful series back To us.

5 product stars
The White Horses - Denise - 21/10/2017
Just watched the first DVD and absolutely loved it! Took me right back to my childhood when I first fell in love with The White Horses. Quality and sound of the DVD very good. Can't wait to see the next DVD....Thank you!

5 product stars
Excellent Service - June Wheeler - 31/08/2017
Just received my order it was fast delivery well protected.. so pleased I managed to find these on Dvd my Fav childhood TV program .Just watched disc 1 and 2 good quality. Thank you for first Class Service. June

5 product stars
White Horses - Lee - 21/06/2017
Brought it for nostalgic reasons didn't let me down in the slightest recommend it value for money THANKS Guys.

5 product stars
What a lovely old T.V series. - Maurice - 07/06/2017
What a lovely old T.V series.! Really brings back a lot of memories for me to see it again. I had a big "crush"on Helga Anders who played Julia in this series when I was a adolescent lad growing up.! I used to watch the series just to see her.! l looked her up recently on line to see what ever happened to this lovely actress, only to discover she sadly died in 1986 at the very young age of only 38 from a combination of drink and drug abuse. So very sad.! She will be forever young to a generation who grew up watching her and her horse Boris.!

5 product stars
Excellent service. - Norman Appleby INVOICE 1690 24th March 2017 - 28/03/2017
I can't thank you enough for the seven DVD Complete White Horses DVD collection. You are extremely efficient and sent it very quickly at a bargain price. I can't believe that it is so cheap at only 16.99 and no postage charges. I have very happy memories of watching this classic television series when I was ten. You have made an old man very happy indeed. The picture and sound quality is excellent, considering nobody could even locate copies of any episodes from this this series until recently. I don't mind having the one German episode with English subtitles as it completes all the episodes. Once again many thanks for your excellent service.

5 product stars
White Horses Set - penny - 19/09/2016
Given to friend who has cried with joy for 2 days! We are in our late 50's and grew up watching this series and wanting our own ponies, like so many other little girls. Was worried they wouldn't play, but they do. They arrived quickly (actually on her birthday!). Highly recommended.

5 product stars
Still (pony) crazy after all these years - Urs Domek - 15/06/2016
I was a bit wary of ordering from a site I didn't know, but I'm glad that I did. Ordered Sunday evening, and by Wednesday lunch time, I was watching the very first episode. The years just dropped away, and watching the horses again, I had this urge to go out, set up a mini-obstacle course and take my Shanks's pony for a canter around the garden! Thank you for rescuing the best series that ever went to screen!

5 product stars
Back in time - Kevin stephenson - 24/12/2015
Oh, the joy of seeing this again. I have so far only seen episode one but am back in my childhood. Thank you for proving the BBC's policy of wiping it was so stupid. Excellent product and value on first sight.

5 product stars
White horses - Gareth Austin - 07/12/2015
Thank you for your prompt delivery and my wife will be estatic,as she had been looking for ages to find these episodes reliving her youth and her passion of white horses.

5 product stars
White Horses - Philip Barker - 30/11/2015
a wonderful series of dvds with that magical theme music guaranteed to transport you back to an era of Robinson Crusoe, Flashing Blade and Belle and Sebastian.Happy uncomplicated days in the sixties.

5 product stars
Brilliant - Elyse Blackmore - 18/07/2015
I purchased these DVDS that came straight away. They are great quality and now I am looking forward to the English version that are coming out soon.

5 product stars
The White Horses - Deborah - 30/10/2013
Bought as a nostalgic present and I am sure they will not be disappointed.... i was impressed with the speed of delivery and packaging..thank you

5 product stars
The White Horses - Mark - 24/10/2013
Excellent; absolutely fantastic service. The DVD set arrived within two days of ordering, and is exactly as described on the website.

5 product stars
White Horses - M. Gibson - 06/07/2012
I took a chance ordering from this site, i did not think that the discs would be sent as there are alot of cowboys around these days...But... 4 days after i put in my order they turned up. in Nice packageing, and the 13 episodes came on 7 discs, thats 2x 25 mins per disc, (QUALLITY) unlike some you may get elsewhere all crushed onto 1 or 2 discs. A FANTASTIC SET FOR ALL COLLECTORS...

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