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Welcome to The White Horses


Original English(Dubbed)
High Quality 7 DVD Set


The White Horses Complete 1960s TV series

A 13 Episode DVD Set Now With 12 Episodes in English
(The Original Dubbed English)

Complete with the start and end on each episode of that famous theme song by Jackie Lee

Every episode on this set has an interactive menu and scene selection


Enchanting children's series originally made in 1965. 'The White Horses' followed the adventures of Julia, a fifteen-year old girl, played by Helga Anders, who leaves Belgrade to spend a holiday with her uncle Dimitri (Helmuth Schnider), on his stud farm where, with the help of head groom Hugo (Franz Muxeneder), he trains valuable white Lipizzaner. The series was originally shown in Germany as 'Ferien in Lipizza' and in Slovenian it is known as 'Poèitnice v Lipici'. It didn't reach the UK until 1968 when the BBC began broadcasting a dubbed English language version at 5.20pm on Monday afternoons. Although the series still exists on film (in Germany) it was thought that the English soundtrack has long since been lost.

However we have been very lucky in obtaining some reel-to-reel audio tapes which have audio recordings from twelve of the 1960s TV Episodes.  We now have put together the original Video footage with these audio recordings to give you twelve episodes of The White Horses TV Series as we fans of the series all remember. With episode three, Suspicion falls on Andrej the only one now missing.(This episode is also in the DVD set with English subtitles)

Most people also remember the evocative theme song, 'White Horses,' sung by Jacky, which reached number 10 in the pop charts in April 1968 and was recently used on a TV commercial prompting a new generation of fans to scan the internet trying to find a copy to download.

Helga Anders: Julia
Helmut Schneider:
Dimitrij Franz Muxeneder:Stanko

1. Black and White
2. Dangerous Depths
3. Suspicion falls on Andrej (In German English Subtitles)
4. Thais becomes a Mother
5. Horses Stampede
6. About Bajazzo
7. The Horse Cure
8. A Dog's Life
9.  Business Friend
10. The Sava Prize
11. Buried Treasure
12. The Squirrel
13. House Arrest for Othello

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